Belayo Inglés Escuela

Exámen de ubicación.

Realiza tu exámen ubicación para poder medir tu nivel de inglés.

Choose the correct option in each statement.

1.- People______________ know the news 100 years ago because there-weren´t radios.

2.- Mike______________ Japanese and French.

3.- John______________ in the library right now.

4.- The movie was____________ the book.

5.- Who is______________, Marie or Samantha?

6.- I have only____________Cherries to make the cake.

7.- Let´s-______________ a cup of coffee before we get back to work.

8.- Mike______________ who was the criminal before the ending of the novel.

9.- Helen was tired because she_____________ all day long.

10.- At 8:15 am yesterday, I ______________ breakfast.

11.- Ann______________ in a Boing 747 twice.

12.- Tim______________ in New York since 2010.

13.- when do you supposse Mark and Gladys_______________ married?

14.- He _______________ drink when he was at the university.

15.- ________________ looks so green after the rain.

16.- if we keep cutting down trees, animals _____________ their natural habitat.

17.- If you talk to the manager or ______________ knows the problem, you will get a solution.

18.- The students_________________ to the desert Museum last week.

19.- All the players shook hands_______________ the end of the game.

20.- The manager´s office is ______________ 3rd floor.